TOTL Graphic Design logoGraphic design and well chosen images are often what draws in casual internet surfer. Compelling visuals persuade the visitors to become interested in your product or service. They also assist in balancing text and making your message more visually pleasing. Of course good content is essential, but marketing without graphic design and images makes for a boring site.

However, an attractive looking sales page or website that contains a good balance of text, broken up with graphics, images, and even video will keep people browsing far longer. The longer they stay the more likely it is they’ll return.

Many of the images and designs you see on our clients’ sites were created or edited by us. By providing our clients with graphic design we add that “something special” to your online presence conveying the message and feeling of your unique offerings.


A good logo design is a must when branding your product or service and one of the first things we make sure you have. It is the foundation of your visual marketing presence. If you do not have a logo, or the one you have needs some tweaking, we can help.

We will work with you until your logo properly represents your business in a unique way. The most simple logo can often be the beginning of your brand.


sophia poster

Jose asked if we could help with a benefit he was hosting for Sophia Spencer. Of course we said “yes”, and were happy to donate our time and skills for this cause.

We designed a flyer for the event and made it available for download on his Facebook page and promoted the event on social media to spread the news. The benefit was a huge success!

facebook event for sophia