Server Management

Online Services, LLC. will provide proactive server management and support for this environment featuring:

  • Unlimited support incidents by phone, email, or web.
  • 24x7x256 access to on-call engineer for emergency issues
  • Guaranteed response time of 30 minutes or less
  • Remote monitoring of each server for processor, memory, disk utilization and at least 100 other critical parameters. Monitoring of critical URLs for availability and response times. Automatic alerts sent to OSC in the event that problems are detected.
  • Malware – Maldetect software installed on each server and configured for daily scans with automatic alerts to OSC when problems are detected.
  • Anti-virus – anti-virus software installed on each server and configured for daily scans with automatic alerts to OSC when problems are detected.
  • Ongoing performance monitoring and tuning on servers to maximize reliability and user experience.
  • General consultation and advice as requested on topics related to server operations.


The environment is built entirely on RackSpace Cloud.

Key points to note:
The servers are protected by a dedicated firewall. This is a critical security requirement. Also the firewall provides VPN termination for secure remote access. Each server is connected to the firewall on its own interface. This prevents direct connections between the servers. The current dedicated configuration does not include this security feature. The servers are connected to the firewall on a private Cloud Network segments.
The following sections describe the individual components.

Brocade Vyatta Firewall
A cloud server with the well-known Brocade Vyatta firewall image will be used to secure the environment. The public side of the firewall will connect to the Internet. The internal interfaces connect to private “Cloud Networks” – one for each server.

The Brocade Vyatta features:

  • High throughput network firewall with full state-full inspection.
  • IPSEC and L2TP VPN gateway capabilities. Using a VPN would greatly enhance the security of management access to the servers. Would also eliminate the need for the proxy on Plesk that is used currently.
  • Network address translation (NAT) and router between isolated Cloud Networks.

OSC services include:

  • Initial provisioning of server instance.
  • Configuration of base firewall functions and integration with hosting servers.Configuration of VPN services as needed.
  • Remote monitoring with automatic alerts
  • Remote backup of firewall configuration.

Web02 Server – WP, Magento, etc.
Your Cloud segment will reside on a RackSpace Performance 1 Cloud Server with the following specifications:

  • 4GB RAM
  • 4 vCPUs
  • 40GB Raid 10 SSD system disk
  • 40GB Raid 10 SSD data disk
  • 800Mb/s network bandwidth
  • Parallels Plesk 11.5 control panel with unlimited domain license

Questions? Please call us.