Small Business Owner Speak

Small businesses = 60% of the net new jobs created…

in 2016, according to Goldman Sachs.

From April 3rd to May 6th is National Small Business Week for 2017. With all the focus so often on what the large brands and companies are up to, it’s important to remember that small businesses (under 500 employees) play a huge role in our economy.

Gathered together in this slide-share are wise words from small business owners who shared their insights on how rewarding, inspiring, challenging, and lovable building a small business can be.

Here at TOTL Marketing we work every day with small businesses striving to grow in a still rough economy. As a small business ourselves, we understand what that means and how much effort it takes.

We know that without them, our choices and quality of life would suffer greatly. They show commitment to the customers they serve and have a vested interest in the community (which they usually live in). They must be patronized and valued if they are to survive.

If you own a small business we can help you find the growth you need to keep things moving forward. Call to schedule a “No Cost” Initial Consultation where we can show¬† you ways to increase your sales that can fit your budget.

The Best Advice For Small Businesses From Experts Who Have Lived It from HubSpot All-in-one Marketing Software

By Susan Walsh