Google Plus Local for Mobile

Google Plus Local should be part of your mobile marketing plan.

Think of your own experiences: you’re on your way to a new restaurant and somehow you make a wrong turn. Of course your first thought is to call the restaurant to get directions, but don’t have their phone number. You certainly didn’t bring along a big yellow pages phone book, nor do you want to pay for the call to 411 information to give you the number. So the chances are good that if you have a smartphone you “googled” the restaurant to find the phone number and/or map.

This is how things work now – whoever is found higher in the search engines gets the business. The one who’s map shows up first is where people will go to spend their money. Optimizing your Google Plus Local business page helps you compete with all those smartphone users who search for a business like yours every day.

Mobile Marketing is Still Fairly New

The first step towards successful mobile marketing with Google Plus is to optimize your Google Plus Local business page completely. Make sure you include the full name of your business along with the phone number and street address. The map on your page will always be updated and will always be available from any internet-connected device. It doesn’t matter if users have to download a G+ app. They most likely have already downloaded Facebook and Twitter apps to stay connected, so be prepared with your G+ business page. Engage people, post photos, invite them to your business, share links that will be of interest to them or even post discounts or coupons and make them available only to those with smartphones.

From A Marketing Viewpoint

Customers always want a good experience and also want to know they aren’t wasting their money. So now more than ever, once they are in your business, focus on customer service. For instance, if you own a restaurant, make sure to encourage your customers at checkout to leave a G+ review and to add you to their circles. Not only will this influence other locals to visit, but it can also serve as a reminder that they liked your food and atmosphere.

Since Google Plus Local offers reviews of local businesses, you need to stay connected and check your page often for any reviews that may be less than great. We all have a bad day every once in a while but if you start to see multiple bad reviews, it’s time to for you to identify the problem and fix it. Seeing bad reviews is not the time to hide away in denial. After you have fixed the problem, invite local neighbors to come back to your business and give you another try. Post on your G+ wall about the new steps you’ve taken and you can even make an offer that only G+ users can redeem. Interacting positively with your customers and other local businesses will only strengthen your reputation.

This is reputation management at its best and like it or not, bad reviews always have a way of being remembered much more so than the positive reviews you receive. Listen to your customers and respond to negative feedback. It will pay off.