Video Marketing

Are you missing out on opportunities that video marketing can bring?

If you have a local bricks and mortar business or you’re trying to get the attention of local clients then video marketing is a great way to do it. is free to use, and easy to set up. You can start your own channel in literally minutes. Simply go to and click, Create Account to get started. It’s important that you consider the name you give to your account so that your channel will represent your business appropriately.

You do not have to use your Gmail account and you can, and should, use your business name and email address to get started. You can personalize your “channel” in many ways but the most important thing to do after creating an account is to start uploading videos. There are a few tips about videos that are important such as:

  1. Keep them short — More than three minutes is probably unnecessary but definitely keep them to five to six minutes and no more than ten. Try creating some short three minute videos first and if you go over a bit that’s okay. But, if you try to keep them short you’ll make a better more focused video.
  2. Don’t be perfect — If you’re speaking or showing your screen to demonstrate something, don’t be worried about a small voice mistake here and there. No one is perfect. Even wonderful speakers often say “Um” and repeat themselves. The less you strive for perfection the more natural you’ll be and the more likely you’ll succeed at the third tip.
  3. Get them up  — Upload them as soon as you’re done making them and stick to a regular schedule. You can upload them to as well as connect them to an email list, and share them with all your social media accounts almost instantly with the right software.

The other concern about inexpensive video marketing is what type of content to use for the videos. The best type of content usually falls into the informative and “how to” genres. It doesn’t matter what kind of business you have, you can find a way to develop content that gives your potential viewers information about not only your products, but how to use your products. frowns on out and out advertising without paying them, so it is important that you don’t turn each video into a commercial but instead focus on giving your clients and potential clients value for their time. Create videos that:

  1. Inform — If you’re a local lawyer, pick a new topic to give some short information about. Say you’re a divorce lawyer, why not answer short general topical questions about issues couples face in divorce in your area? “How much does it cost to get a divorce in YourCity and why?” “What are the typical reasons or grounds for divorce in YourCity?” “What is Joint Custody?” “What is alienation of affection?”  You get the idea!
  2. Teach — Do you own a local beauty salon? Why not do lessons on hair care, self-care, and other “how-tos” that tell a viewer how to do things themselves, even how to cut their bangs themselves? Why do that? They will get to know you, trust you, and come to you when they want to visit a salon because you’ve shared valuable how to information with them. If you are a Doctor, you can demonstrate how to properly clean a wound, or show before and after’s of procedures.
  3. Entertain — It’s possible to create informative videos that also entertain if you simply relax, be yourself, and act like you’re talking to your best friend. Remember, your target audience needs your information, so even if you don’t find it particularly entertaining learning how to put rubber bands on braces, guess what, the teenager or mom whose child is having issues doing it, will appreciate the online lesson.

We can set up your YouTube account for you! It’s an effective and fun way of promoting your business through video marketing. Call Us: (608) 434-2501