Content Crown

Content creation and how it helps your business get found online.

It used to be just a having a website that was Search Engine Optimized (SEO) was all you needed to have a good advantage online. Today, content matters.

With all the traffic online nowadays, search engines like Google want to see that you offer visitors to your site meaningful and helpful information and insight about your industry.

Keep It Fresh

That means content. Fresh content. No more set up your site and forget it. In the end what search the engines are trying to do is help visitors find the answers they are looking for when they do a search for a particular topic. Keeping your site relevant and updated goes a long way in showing well in search. It shows that you are current in the information you have to offer.

Quality content is something that people will enjoy reading, watching or listening to. Hopefully they will refer it to others, like friends, colleagues, or family. By adding quality content on your site, you not only get search engine traffic, but trust, reputation, better conversions and natural incoming links.

Think about your industry or business. I’m sure you will be able to find many useful things to write about that others would want to know. Keep a list when ideas come up to expand on further for articles.

So get out your dictionary and thesaurus and start writing!

By Susan Walsh